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ceramic photographs

3D ceramic photograph

3D ceramic photograph3D ceramic photograph3D ceramic photograph3D ceramic photograph
3D ceramic photograph

3D ceramic photograph

The ceramic plaque represents a radically new and exclusive process which recreates any photograph three dimensionally. The World's first ceramic photograph is classical, elegant and tactile. The image will not deteriorate; it is a vitrified body that is protected against all weather and conditions, including frost. Ceramic photograph is an English handmade and hand finished product. It is bespoke manufactured with the skill and tradition of the English potteries.

The ceramic photograph is formed solely through a fusion of contoured clay and glaze. Fashioned within a domed profile. Especially developed selected glazes reflect a classic, monochromatic image. The photo-image is not an insert, overlay nor flat surface transfer, it is embodied in the ceramic itself.

For each commission two plaques are supplied (one is fitted to your bench). Subsequent ceramics from the original moulds can be supplied quite easily and are priced at a reduced rate.

Ordering process:
When you place your order please email us a high resolution photograph or alternatively post it so we can professionally scan the picture for the process and have it returned together with end product. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Available colours:
ivory, sepia, sage, rose, garnet, flame, lilac, sky, dove, holly

Available sizes:
Oval: Height 109mm, Width 80mm
Oval landscape: Height 80mm, Width 109mm
Oval: Height 77mm, Width 56mm
Oval landscape: Height 56mm, Width 77mm
Oval: Height 44mm, Width 33mm
Round: 59mm diameter

The edges taper to an approximate 2mm from a central height of 7mm.

Please click here to see portfolio of benches with ceramic photographs.