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bench anchor to concrete

bench anchors to concrete

bench anchors to concrete

bench anchors to concrete

Price: 34.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Protect your garden bench from thieves and vandals with this anchor kit suitable for installation into concrete
Suitable for all outdoor timber furniture
Supplied with standard and tamperproof
Components: 2 x bench brackets, 2 x expanding bolts, 4 x cross point screws, 4 x anti-vandal screws, 2 x security caps

100mm long rawl bolts

Standard delivery, within 5 days
Mainland England and Wales £15.99
Scotland from £52
Isle of Wight £85
Northern Ireland £95
Ireland £105

see more detailed information on our delivery page

Tools required: 20mm masonry drill, 19mm socket and screwdriver.

1) the concrete base has to be laid first and allowed to set for at least a week before
fixing the anchor kit
2) the concrete base should a minimum of 100mm thick
3) if you are fixing the anchor kit yourself you will require a hammer drill with a 20mm masonry bit
4) first fix the bench brackets to diagonally opposite bench legs
5) predrill the wooden legs first with a drill bit smaller than the screws
6) fix the bench brackets with either cross point or vandal resistant screws
7) mark on the concrete where the expanding bolts are to be drilled
8) move the bench aside
9) drill 20mm holes approximately 110mm deep
10) apply a little wd40 to the expanding bolts
11) push them into hole and unscrew/remove the bolt
12) move bench back into position
13) replace the bolts and tighten