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bench anchor to paving slabs

bench anchors to paving slabs

bench anchors to paving slabs

Price: 39.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

Where bench anchors to concrete cannot be used because concrete base is not deep enough or for other reasons, we advise using bench anchors to paving slabs. Although please remember that they won't provide the same level of security as the anchors to concrete.
Suitable for all outdoor timber furniture
Supplied with tamperproof screws
Components: 4 x bench brackets, 8 x M6x50 countersunk screws & rawlplugs, 8 x standard countersunk screws and 8 x clutch head screws

Standard delivery, within 5 days
Mainland England and Wales £15.99
Scotland from £52
Isle of Wight £85
Northern Ireland £95
Ireland £105

see more detailed information on our delivery page

1) first fix the bench brackets to bench legs
2) predrill the wooden legs first with a drill bit smaller than the screws
3) fix the bench brackets with screws
4) mark on the paving slabs where the screws are to be drilled
5) move the bench aside
6) drill holes
7) move bench back into position
8) install the screws and tighten