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Alexander Rose Broadfield 1.5m FSC certified mahogany memorial bench

5ft FSC certified mahogany broadfield garden bench with carved inscription - 1.5m memorial bench

Alexander Rose Broadfield FSC certified mahogany 1.5m memorial bench Alexander Rose Broadfield FSC certified mahogany 1.2m memorial bench Alexander Rose Broadfield FSC certified mahogany 1.5m memorial bench

5ft FSC certified mahogany broadfield garden bench with carved inscription - 1.5m memorial bench

Total Price: 408.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Enter engraving details below. You have free engraving in one location. Please select the options below the engraving entry boxes. The charges will be determined by your selection of engraving locations. Not all lines have to be used. Top line 1 = Backrest top rail line 1. Seat line 1= Seat rail line 1.

Top line 1Max: 55
Seat line 1Max: 55
Characters: 0
engraving type on top rail
engraving type on seat rail
bench anchors
bench cushion

Broadfield bench is made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified mahogany. FSC certificate means that timber is tracked along the supply chain from the forest to the shelf, great care is always taken to select mahogany from responsibly managed forests.
Design features fine slats contoured on the back and seat to give that extra comfort and elegance, as well as shaped arms. The broadfield bench is ideal for the garden. Wood engraving is available only on one line. Both, top rail and bottom rail (the rail below the seat), is perfect to wood engraving with large deep cut lettering (please advise if you would like your personalised message on a bottom rail, otherwise the message will be engraved on a top rail).

All benches are delivered assembled.

Width: 146cm
Depth: 60cm
Height: 87cm
Top rail flat engraving width: 6cm
Leg profile: 4.5cm x 4.5cm
Weight: 22kg

Standard and express delivery available
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Installation, within 21 days
We offer the service of installing your bench onto a concrete base prepared by you or anchoring into soft ground with our specialized anchoring systems - only available for mainland England and Wales standard delivery service.
see more detailed information on our delivery page

The bench is manufactured using mahogany from responsibly managed forests in The Congo in Central Africa.
Mahogany is a well known hardwood with ideal qualities for producing excellent garden furniture. It has a fine flecked grain with occasional figure. The heartwood is pinkish when freshly cut and darkens to the typical mahogany reddish brown.
This is a moderately durable hardwood, able to resist the most inclement weather, giving a life span in excess of ten years plus if properly looked after, it is therefore well suited for garden furniture.
Due to the weathering process and timber being a natural material, joints will become slightly offset and surface cracks will occur. Depending on the climatic conditions when your bench is outside, this can happen within only a few hours and will not compromise the strength of the bench, which is designed with this in mind. Using Alexander Rose timber care products will to an extent, reduce the cracks and splits.

The Alexander Rose Broadfield FSC certified mahogany bench has not been treated. It will eventually mellow to an attractive soft silver grey.
The time span for this will vary depending on weather conditions and its location in the garden.
Should you prefer to keep the original colour, it is advised to treat the bench using the Alexander rose range of timber care products.
Your furniture can be cleaned using soapy water and a stiff brush, allowing it to dry fully before the application of any timber treatment.
More severe stains such as spillages, birds droppings and mildew etc. can be removed by using Alexender Rose cleaner. Alternatively, sand using a medium grit sandpaper.
Lifting graing and cracks can be glued using a waterproof adhesive suitable for timber. Clamping may be necessary with excess glue being removed using a damp cloth. The area should be sanded once the glue is dry.
From time to time it is necessary to check and if required, re-tighten all bolts.

One engraved inscription is included in the price of your memorial bench. You have a choice of a computer controlled engraving direct into the top rail of the bench, brass plaque or laminate plaque.
The maximum number of carved letters for this bench is 55 characters per line (including spaces), this bench can accomodate 1 line. This bench can also accommodate 1 line of text on the bench seat front rail.

Examples wood engraving can be seen in the bench portfolio section. We can offer you advice on the engraving which best suits your memorial bench, find our more

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