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Alexander Rose Santa Cruz 1.5m FSC certified roble memorial bench

5ft FSC certified roble santa cruz bench with carved inscription - 1.5m memorial bench

Alexander Rose Santa Cruz FSC certified roble 1.5m memorial bench Alexander Rose Santa Cruz FSC certified roble 1.5m memorial bench Alexander Rose Santa Cruz FSC certified roble 1.5m memorial bench Alexander Rose Santa Cruz FSC certified roble 1.5m memorial bench

5ft FSC certified roble santa cruz bench with carved inscription - 1.5m memorial bench

Total Price: 519.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Enter engraving details below. You have free engraving in one location. Please select the options below the engraving entry boxes. The charges will be determined by your selection of engraving locations. Not all lines have to be used. Top line 1 = Backrest top rail line 1. Seat line 1= Seat rail line 1.

Top line 1Max: 55
Top line 2Max: 55
Seat line 1Max: 55
Characters: 0
engraving type on top rail
engraving type on seat rail
bench anchors
bench cushion

The Santa Cruz range is made from FSC (forest stewardship council) certified roble. The FSC certificate means that timber is tracked along the supply chain from the forest to the shelf, great care is always taken to select timber from responsibly managed forests. This range is a modern design, has smoothly shaped arms suitable for placing drinks, a high cuved back and shaped seat for maximum comfort.
The Santa Cruz memorial bench can be engraved in two locations, the back rail and seat front rail. The wide back rail can take 2 lines of 1 inch high lettering

All benches are delivered assembled.

Width: 153cm
Depth: 75cm
Height: 108cm
Leg to leg depth: 57cm
Top rail flat engraving width: 7cm
Leg profile: 5.5cm x 5.5cm
Weight: 30kg

Standard and express delivery available
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Installation, within 21 days
We offer the service of installing your bench onto a concrete base prepared by you or anchoring into soft ground with our specialized anchoring systems - only available for mainland England and Wales standard delivery service.
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Roble is a durable hardwood originally from Bolivia, naturally rich in oil and resins, it is a fast growing timber which can be harvested within 18-20 years of planting. Roble forests are 11 times more productive on a per hectare per year basis when compared to other forests, which may take 80-100 years or more to mature. Roble has a distinct yellowish colour with subtle hints of rich pinks through its interlocking grain. It is a strong hardwood with similar qualities to Teak, having excellent machining properties and a resistance to weather lasting 25 years making it ideal for furniture purposes. Our FSC certified roble timber is sourced from a responsibly managed forest in Bolivia, FSC forests are far more productive compared to unmanaged forests. Unmanaged forests can be cleared of all vegetation and trees, resulting in negative effects on the wildlife, habitats and indigenous people. FSC certified managed forests prevent this from happening by planting and harvesting responsibly. If left untreated roble will mellow down to a silver grey appearance, it can be treated with timber treatment plus, sealer or protector.

Your furniture can be cleaned using soapy water and a stiff brush, allowing it to dry fully before the application of any timber treatment.

One engraved inscription is included in the price of your memorial bench. You have a choice of a computer controlled engraving direct into the top rail of the bench, brass plaque or laminate plaque.
The maximum number of carved letters for this bench is 55 characters per line (including spaces), this bench can accomodate 2 lines. This bench can also accommodate 1 line of text on the bench seat front rail.

Examples wood engraving can be seen in the bench portfolio section. We can offer you advice on the engraving which best suits your memorial bench, find our more

{ceramic photograph}
The ceramic plaque represents a radically new and exclusive process which recreates any photograph three dimensionally. The edges taper to an approximate 2mm from a central height of 7mm. The World's first ceramic photograph is classical, elegant and tactile. The image will not deteriorate; it is a vitrified body that is protected against all weather and conditions, including frost. For each commission two plaques are supplied (one is fitted to your bench). Subsequent ceramics from the original moulds can be supplied quite easily and are priced accordingly. The ceramic photograph will be glued into a routed recess on the top rail free of charge. When you place your order please email us a high resolution photograph or alternatively post it so we can professionally scan the picture for the process and have it returned together with end product. Please allow 28 days for delivery.
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