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scarborough teak

The robust construction of Scarborough teak benches enable them to stand the test of time making them ideal for memorial purposes.
This bench can be engraved in 2 places: the bench back (top rail), the bench backrest bottom rail.
Our engraving is V carve engraving typically 0.3 inch deep, depending on the font type and size. This medium duty and strong teak bench is perfect for public and private situations.
Available in 3 sizes: 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m.
The bench is made of V-legal Indonesian teak. The seat is manufactured in smaller factories and the result is a bench with a more "handmade" look will lower machining standards, but at a lower price.
The traditional design features contoured seat and contoured/angled backrest for extra comfort. The slats on the seat and backrest run in one direction, which makes it stand out.
The bench has extra strong mortice and tenon joints.
All benches are delivered assembled.