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rustic oak coffee table

rustic oak coffee table

rustic oak coffee tablerustic oak coffee table

rustic oak coffee table

Price: 279.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Table top slat 1Max: 30
Table top slat 2Max: 30
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Rustic oak coffee table.
Our beautiful hardwood coffee tables are a perfect addition to any memorial bench.
Wood engraving or a memorial plaque is available on the top slat, which is perfect to wood engraving with large deep cut lettering.
Traditionally made oak garden coffee table, a country style wooden table, a unique piece of garden furniture built to last.
Each furniture piece is a handmade individual, designed to show the natural beauty of oak wood. It has a simple,
unpretentious charm, yet handcrafted and top-quality materials give it a noticeable elegance. We create furniture that draws together elements of nature. Our skilled craftsmen endeavor to turn oak trunks and branches into elegant and quality items rather than superimpose design on them. Most of the work - from removing bark from oak logs through individual assembling and finishing is being done by hand.
Our wooden house signs are a great addition to rustic oak products.

Rustic oak coffee table dimensions:
Width: 100 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height: 45 cm

The timber comes from european ecologically supervised forests. We support sustainable wood management by using fallen oak branches. All products are made from solid oak harvested from Polish certified sustainable forests. Oak is a hardwood tree found all over the world. It produces a beautiful and strong wood. Because of oak wood's natural properties, a little bit of care can make the wood last for years without losing its beauty. The highest quality timber is selected and acquired from Polish forests under strictly regulated conditions. Whenever possible, we use fallen pieces of oak wood, which would otherwise be either chopped or burnt. This is a time consuming and expensive process but it allows us not only to manufacture unique products, but also to work in harmony with the environment.
As part of weathering process, cracks and splits may appear, but this will not affect the strength of the item.

Oak kept outside requires a systematic maintenance at least once a year: dry the furniture thoroughly, clean it and work on it with sand paper (grit 100-200) before applying the new finish. Then treat it with light-coloured preservative wood stain (Sadolin Classic, colour number 88 is recommended by the manufacturer) or wood oil.
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Alternatively, you may leave the furniture unattended and only sometimes wash it with a brush and mild soap. In this way it will naturally turn silvery-grey. Regardless of the chosen way of maintaining the furniture, we strongly advise coating it with wood oil several times. Its deep penetration protects timber against extensive drying and decreases cracking of surface.

You have a choice of a computer controlled engraving direct into the table top.
Alternatively a brass plaque or laminate plaque can be fixed.
This coffee table can accommodate 1 line of engraving on each table top slat. The maximum number of carved letters is 30 (including spaces) on each slat.

Standard and express delivery available
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