Memorial Bench Engraving

Memorial Bench Engraving

Personalize your memorial bench with elegant engraving that preserves cherished memories for generations to come. Enhance the beauty and significance of your memorial with our expert engraving services, transforming your bench into a timeless tribute to your loved one.

Engraved Wood Carving

Elevate your wooden memorial bench with a touch of artistry, employing our precise CNC flat bed routing machine to carve personalized messages directly into the wood. This technique creates a visually stunning and enduring tribute, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

Engraved Brass Plaques

Enrich your memorial with a touch of timeless elegance by opting for an engraved brass plaque. These plaques offer durability and sophistication, seamlessly complementing your memorial bench. Choose from standard or bespoke sizes to perfectly fit your desired aesthetic.

Reverse Engraved Laminate Plaques

Seek a modern and understated approach? Our reverse engraved laminate plaques provide a sleek and non-reflective finish, making them a timeless choice for any memorial bench. Available in standard or bespoke sizes, these plaques seamlessly integrate with your chosen design.

Brass Tarnishing

Brass is a natural material that naturally tarnishes over time. To maintain the gleaming appearance of your engraved brass plaques, consider using a tarnish-resistant lacquer or a brass polish such as Brasso or Twinkle. These products help protect the brass from oxidation and maintain its shine.

Personalized Engraving

Our expert engraving team can transform your heartfelt words into a lasting tribute. We offer a wide range of engraving options, including:

    • Free Wood Carved Engraving: Receive a complimentary one-line wood engraving on the top rail of select benches.

    • Computer-Controlled Engraving: Choose from computer-controlled engraving directly into the wood for a precision-crafted message.

    • Engraved Brass Plaques: Select from engraved brass plaques for the backrest, top rail, or seat rail, adding a touch of elegance and durability.

    • Reverse Engraved Laminate Plaques: Opt for reverse engraved laminate plaques for a modern and understated aesthetic that blends seamlessly with your memorial bench.

Enhance Your Memorial with Engraving

Commemorate your loved one in a truly meaningful way by incorporating personalized engraving into your memorial bench. Our expert engraving services and wide range of options allow you to create a customized tribute that captures the essence of your loved one's life.