Memorial Bench Installation Services

We offer professional installation services for our own memorial benches, ensuring that your memorial is securely placed and ready to stand the test of time. Installation is conducted simultaneously with delivery, ensuring a seamless process from initial placement to a permanent tribute.

Choose Your Anchoring Options

We provide a variety of anchoring options to suit your specific needs and site conditions. Select from concrete anchors or specialized anchoring systems designed for soft ground. Our experienced installers will determine the appropriate anchoring solution based on the location and composition of the ground where your memorial will be installed.

Secure and Durable Installation

Our professional installers will securely fasten the anchors to each leg of the memorial bench, ensuring stability and resilience against the elements. For benches placed on concrete bases, we utilize durable anchor brackets that provide a steadfast hold. In soft ground settings, our specialized anchoring systems effectively secure the bench, minimizing movement and ensuring long-lasting stability.

Installation Availability

Our installation services are exclusive to our own memorial benches and are only available when the installation is conducted simultaneously with the delivery. This ensures that the bench is properly positioned and anchored before proceeding with the engraving process.

Secure Your Memorial with Our Installation Services

Let our experienced installers ensure that your memorial bench is securely anchored and ready to serve as a lasting tribute to a loved one. Order your memorial bench today and add our installation services to complete a seamless and professional memorial experience.