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60 off naked wines voucher

£60 off naked wines voucher

4memorialbench.co.uk will issue you with a link that will take you to nakedwines.com website with voucher code and password on the receipt
page when you place an order for one of our memorial benches through this site.
£60 off, minimum spend £99.99
Full terms and conditions available through www.nakedwines.com/terms
Free next day delivery if you spend over £80.

Who are Naked Wines?
- The Naked Wines team has over 100 years combined on-line wine retailing experience
- We delivered award winning customer service at Virgin Wines for 9 years
- We are backed by a global business, with sales of over £500m
- Our warehousing and delivery partners are highly experienced in handling wine.
- We have done this all before.

Why Naked Wines?
- We believe the UK wine drinker is being ripped off!
- A typical bottle of UK supermarket wine has just 30p of wine in it!
- 3 x that is spent on packaging, marketing and advertising!
- Believe it or not there are hundreds of fantastic wine makers around the world who don't sell their wines in the UK, because they can't get into the UK market without spending a fortune on agencies and advertising
- Naked Wines goal is to strip away all the stuff you can't taste:
- Fancy packaging
- Advertising
- Middlemen and agencies
AND Spend more on the stuff you can taste – The Wine

How are Naked Wines different?
- We are continuously on the lookout for talented Winemakers from all around the world that just want to make wine!
- Our aim is to connect them directly to the UK wine drinker who wants that much
more from their wines, not generic bland factory produced plonk. This way they get a real feel for the wine, not just reading a label!
- Customers can talk to each other and see if the wines are as good as we say they are
- We will do this through an on-line farmers market. www.nakedwines.com
- We offer a next day delivery service as standard for £4.99, cheaper and quicker than our competitors.
- We only stock authentic hand crafted wines.