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4 Memorial Bench

Warwick Memorial Bench 4ft Teak

Warwick Memorial Bench 4ft Teak

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Warwick Memorial Bench 4ft Teak Overview

Diagram of a bench

Bench Width: 122cm

Bench Height: 101cm

Wood Type: teak

Bench Size: 2 Seats

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Product Information

The robust construction of Warwick teak benches enable them to stand the test of time making them ideal for memorial purposes.

We have designed the Warwick bench with our CNC engraving in mind. This bench can be engraved in 2 places: the bench back (top rail), the bench seat (front rail).
The rails are wide enough for 3 lines of 1 inch engraving to the back top rail and 2 lines to the seat front rail. Our engraving is V carve engraving typically 0.2/0.3 inch deep, depending on the font type and size. This medium duty and strong teak bench is perfect for public and private situations.

The bench is made of FSC certified teak (from a sustainable/responsibly managed forest). Please make sure you specify FSC certified, it makes a difference to all our futures.
The traditional design features smoothly contoured scrolled arms, high straight back, wide curved back top rail and shaped seat for extra comfort.

The bench is assembled by us at your site or beforehand. The joints are mortise and tenon type, the assembly process involves driving in wooden dowels into the predrilled holes in the tenon and the mortise joint. No glue is necessary as our joints are made with precision in the factory so that when the dowel is inserted the joint is pulled tight together. Some cheaper suppliers make a big deal about the glue they use, believe me if a main joint relies on glue to be tight then you will end up with a wobbly bench over time.

All benches are delivered assembled.

Bench Dimensions
Length: 122cm
Height: 101cm
Seat Height: 45cm
Leg to leg depth: 50.50cm
Full depth: 69cm
Leg profile: 5.5cm x 5.5cm
Bench back, top rail overall width: 12.5cm (middle) to 9cm (either end), flat engraving width 12cm to 8.5cm.
Bench seat, front rail overall width: 7cm, flat engraving width 6.5cm
Weight: 21.8kg

Bench Engraving
Carved engraving into the wood is charged extra
This bench can accommodate 3 lines of engraving on the top rail. The maximum number of carved letters is 20 characters on the first line, 50 characters on the second line and 50 characters on the third line (including spaces) of the top rail.
This bench can also accommodate 2 lines of text on the bench seat front rail.


Teak originates from plantation forest in Brazil Find out more information about where our wood comes from.

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