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Alexander Rose

Alexander Rose Timber Treatment Plus 500 ml

Alexander Rose Timber Treatment Plus 500 ml

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Alexander Rose Timber Treatment Plus is a high quality, multi-purpose timber treatment, specifically formulated to help protect and enhance the natural beauty of most types of hardwood garden furniture. Nourishes and enhances the appearance of the timber. Contains water repellent to prevent the ingress of moisture. Helps protect against the ageing effects of exposure to sunlight. Alexander Rose Timber Treatment Plus comes in a 500ml bottle.


Ensure all surfaces of timber are thoroughly cleaned prior to treatment, using soapy water or timber cleaner to remove all traces of dirt, stains or black fungal growth. Heavily weathered furniture may require sanding down to recover the appearance of the original surface.


Apply sparingly with a cloth. Remove excess oil with a clean cloth. Over application could encourage black fungal growth. Do not apply onto damp or wet timber and always allow the treatment to dry out thoroughly. Wait at least 2 months before applying a further coat. Follow preparation instructions.

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