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Golden Care 3 in 1 Teak Care Kit

Golden Care 3 in 1 Teak Care Kit

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Golden Care 3 in 1 teak care kit for the total care of teak garden furniture.

Product comprises of: 

1litre bottle of Golden Care teak cleaner,

1litre bottle of Golden Care teak protector,

application tools (gloves, scrubbing brush, application cloth and sponge).

Why is Golden Care teak protector so much better than teak-oil/sealer:

- maintains the light-brown colour of teak for longer

- nicer, more natural colour after application (teak oil makes teak often look too dark-brown, teak sealers make teak often look too orange).

- teak oil often causes black spots on teak. Golden Care protector prevents black spots. - our teak protector is not an oil and it is not greasy, so clothes stay clean.

- most teak oils/sealers contain hazardous solvents/voc's.

Our protector is water based and solvent free: that is why we call it ecosafe. - it is fast and easy to apply. When you did not take care of your furniture and want to restore the teak into its original colour, before applying the teak protector it is essential to remove the deposits from the teak using Golden Care teak cleaner. 

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