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Golden Care Teak Cleaner & Brightener

Golden Care Teak Cleaner & Brightener

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Cleaner and brightener in one. To clean and restore discoloured, dirty dark grey and / or green teak and other hardwood.

Product comprises of:

1 litre bottle.

Golden Care cleaner and brightener is a water-based formula, which is not only a high concentration cleaner, but it also contains brightener-ingredients, which bring back the original colour of new teak/hardwood. most competitive brands require a 2-step-process: a separate cleaner and brightener. this implicates 2 times hard work for the consumer. An extra advantage: unlike most other teak cleaners, Golden Care product is classified as non-hazardous. After your bench has been cleaned, you may wish to apply Golden Care teak protector to maintain the light-brown colour of teak for longer.

Please note that depending on the stock we have the product can be supplied with Alexander Rose branding on the bottle, however it is the same product.

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