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Letter carving to wood

Letter carving to wood

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CNC letter carved inscription
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The service
Our website allows you to create your own carved letter inscription when choosing your bench. You can use this service for wood you send to us for letter carving or where the carving is to a location on your bench which is unusual (for example we have carved inscription on the underside of the bench, to the side of arms, up the side of the leg etc.)

We will design the engraving on our software, we input the size of the piece of wood and set out the lettering to the size and layout we think is most suited. We will then email you a proof for approval / amendment. More than 2 proofs will attract a design charge.

Letter heights, number of characters/lines
We use difference engraving bits depending on the size (height) of the letters you require.

Common letter sizes are 1 inch, 1.3 inch and 2 inch high, it varies a little on the font you choose.

We charge per line of text (55 characters long). So choose how many lines from the drop down list before typing your inscription in the boxes provided. Please don't choose one line and then type inscription in two lines.

We have created a portfolio of bench and bespoke projects with wood carved inscriptions which can be browsed using the menu>Portfolio. 

If the wood you want engraving is supplied by you, you need to delivery and collect for us. We need to assess its suitability for engraving before we proceed. If is important that the wood is of the same thickness, lays flat on a flat surface and is level on top.

If this engraving is part of a bench order, then there is no additional charge for delivery over and above that of the bench.

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